Monday, November 12, 2012

Time Travel and Free Will

The Terminator” is the classic sci-fi film that spawned arguably the best sequel of all time and redefined the genre. It was not the first film to use time travel but it did change the way time travel was used in films. Prior to “The Terminator,” time travel in film was often relegated as a plot device to move forward a fish-out-of-water tale or as a way showcase futuristic special effects. “The Terminator,” however, took place in the present with the time travelers coming back to duke it out over the unborn John Connor’s life.

By doing this, director James Cameron was able to make a futuristic sci-fi on a budget. More importantly, however, he posed a number of philosophical questions relating to fate and destiny that have never been fully answered, despite attempts made by a number of other time travel and sci-fi films, including “12 Monkeys,” and, more recently, “Looper.”
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