Monday, October 8, 2012

Sequels Episode III: The Return of the Original

In the thrilling conclusion to the detailed analysis of movie sequels comes Episode III: The Failures, although failures may not necessarily be the best word for these movies. Many sequels fail either artistically or financially for one reason or another, whether it is because the sequels lost sight of the original film (The Matrix sequels, Pirates of the Caribbean) These movies were not necessarily bad movies but all of them were considered failures compared to the original.

No, the worst type of sequel is the one that is just lazy filmmaking and an obvious attempt to make money. Some go directly to DVD (or VHS in the olden days). However, many folks don’t consider these to be sequels because the movies did not get released in theaters and are therefore not eligible for award consideration. Also, no one cares about any straight-to-video movies.

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