Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Hangover

Not a bad idea teaming up Ed Helms, Zack Galafianakis and Bradley Cooper for an update to the bachelor party genre of comedy.
They lose the groom during the festivities and wake up in a complete state of disarray and confusion.
The story is passable and at some times even interesting, but the real strength of The Hangover is the odd humor of Galafianakis and Helms together playing off of the mostly straight-man role that Cooper is in.
Cooper delivers some funny stuff too, but Galafianakis and Helms are down right ludicrous. The characters are as mismatched as any Hollywood comedy would do these days, so it's pretty typical humor in many ways, but it works to deliver laughs.
As far as originality goes, it has a lot of the same type of story and humor as many of the million drunken exploit movies out there. This is nothing groundbreaking in any way.
The discomfort caused by Galafianakis' awkwardness is worth watching though. From his bare backside near the beginning to his NC-17 rated exploits during the end credits, and all of his insanity while clothed as well, he is probably the funniest part of the film.
The Hangover gets a B-.


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