Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Comic book nerds watch out

Swirling about the interwebs right now are whispers mixed with substantiated rumors about what effect the success of X-Men Origins: Wolverine is having on the future of the X-Men franchise.
The big news for nerds everywhere is the Deadpool solo flick. The official announcement is up on (HERE ). A high profile actor like Ryan Reynolds taking a small part like that in the Wolverine back-story film is more than likely just setting the stage for something more (like Samuel Jackson's Nick Fury in the easter egg scene following Iron Man which is foreshadowing a Nick Fury solo film and an Avengers movie). The story is that the success of Wolverine's opening has put the Deadpool movie on a front burner for Marvel.

Thor's Marvel movie is also the subject of a lot of speculation right now. Marvel is allegedly going to announce some casting decisions in the near future, with Kenneth Branagh signed on at the helm. has that story.

A full slate of Avengers related stuff is also in the works, as listed on Nick Fury, Iron Man 2 (and 3), Ant Man, Thor, Captain America and of course the complete Avengers movie.

None of these will probably live up to Batman's last two outings, but if Iron Man is any indication, Marvel will be working hard and delivering some good stuff.


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