Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Terminator Salvation

McG sure loves to blow stuff up.
That really could sum up the latest installment in the cultural phenomenon that is Terminator. But that makes for a pretty dull review, so I'll expand a bit.
The most important fact is that Terminator Salvation is way better than T3 was. The special effects are the best of the series. The action sequences in this were about equal with Terminator 2, which is probably my personal favorite.
Decent performances from everyone in the cast, especially Christian Bale, Anton Yelchin and the little silent girl, Star, played by Jadagrace Berry, an apparent newcomer to the Hollywood scene.
The dialogue and story are the weak points. An overabundance of foreshadowing and explanation makes it seem like the writers (who also penned T3) think their audience is stupid.
Really stupid.
Which we very well might be for buying into the idea that this kind of apocalyptic darkness is less than 9 years from now.
As far as characters go, John Connor (Bale) is passable, but not terribly well developed. The savior complex aside, it seems like he's not got a whole lot going on. There is ample opportunity to expand and see some more depth to him, with his pregnant wife (Bryce Dallas Howard in a performance that deserved more screen time) and his teenage dad (Yelchin) and his immediate affection for Star (although who could possibly not love an adorable little mute girl). McG and his writers seem more intent on blowing stuff up to bother with that kind of storytelling.
Terminator Salvation gets a C+.
--John Berry, Online Editor--


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