Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This weekend i finally got a chance to check out Michael Moore's film about the medical and insurance industries, Sicko.
Moore starts out with a brief discussion of people who cannot get insurance, but covers more about people who have insurance but still cannot get proper medical care.
Contrasting America's system with several around the world, he also delves into the socialized aspects of other countries' health care systems.
While many people criticize Moore for making one sided documentaries, i can't fault him for it. Even when i disagree with his views on subjects, i appreciate his right to tell the story as he sees it. I have never seen a documentary that does not try to purport a specific viewpoint. No filmmaker i know of keeps their own views out of the products they create.
Back to the movie, not the man...
Sicko offers an interesting look at how government funded health care has worked around the world and the severe lack of regulation in our own country. In a time when health care is garnering headlines in all of the political discussions, this movie is an informative piece that serves to pull on the heartstrings a bit more than many of Moore's previous films, but ultimately is informative and thought provoking.
No one can really look at the current state of health care and honestly say there is nothing wrong with it. If nothing else, Moore offers up talking points to carry the discussion along.
--John Berry, Online Editor--


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