Thursday, April 17, 2008

The buzz around this week's releases.

Hitting theaters on Friday, April 18:

Jackie Chan and Jet Li team up for the first time in The Forbidden Kingdom. In theory, every fan of kung-fu movies should be lining up for this one. Mixing Chan's more goofy and campy film history with Li's more straight-up action history seems like a good idea. A lot of buzz about it being family friendly makes me think it's leaning more towards the Chan end of the spectrum. Given director Rob Minkoff's history (Lion King and Stuart Little) this might be too kid-friendly for standard kung-fu audiences. My prediction: enjoyable but nothing great, although the first time teaming of Li and Chan should be epic.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a first time director who grabbed up the second string players from every comedy that's been out in the past few years. You'll recognize several supporting cast members from Knocked Up and various other Apatow productions. Jason Segel gets dumped and accidentally ends up at a vacation resort with his ex and her new dude. It'll probably be funnier than I'm expecting, but not full-fledged-Apatow-project funny.

Al Pacino is back with 88 Minutes and critics are calling it too long and slow among other not-so-friendly things. Not sure how you could go wrong with an action movie from the guy who produced all of the Mighty Ducks movies, oh, wait, there we go. I'm probably going to skip this one.

Morgan Spurlock's Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? opens in limited release. He ventures to the middle east to talk with Muslims about America's "war on terror" and their views of it. His documentary past that makes no attempt to hide the fact that he has a point to be made with his social experiments foretells what this one will be. Spurlock clearly wants to make a point with this one too. One might think with the tone of the promotional materials that he is not agreeing with Bush. With that said, I'll probably go see it when it comes to Philly area theaters. He makes funny, thought provoking films and this one looks like more of the same.

The funniest thing in theaters this week is probably going to be Pathology. Another in a long line of horror/thriller movies that would only scare/thrill viewers with head injuries. A German director with a history of short films and music videos somehow got Milo Ventimiglia while he was bored on a break form Heroes, and Alyssa Milano who was apparently bored with doing nothing. As a fan of the horror genre, I think I'll have to skip this one.

--John Berry, Online Editor


Blogger Patrick Roberts said...

Morgan Spurlock never ceases to impress me... i just saw Super Size Me, which was amazingly insightful, and now he's making a documentary that investigates the war on terrorism? well done indeed

April 17, 2008 at 11:54 AM 

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