Thursday, April 24, 2008

New at the theaters

This week's offerings seem kind of disappointing on the surface, but they might be worth looking in to.

Rogue is the sophomore effort from Greg McLean. If any of you remember the excessively disappointing Wolf Creek from 2005 then you'll know the only part of this that might be exciting is the comic value of cartoonish violence that follows long stretches of nothing.

While probably less funny than Rogue, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay looks like it will deliver a laugh or two. That might be about it though. Another one of those the-funniest-parts-are-already-in-the-trailer-so-why-bother-seeing-it romps is about all I expect out of this.

Ewan McGregor surfaces with Deception as he apparently tries to give Hugh Jackman some indie cred. Two high profile actors in a movie by a director fresh off of the advertisement circuit actually makes me interested. McGregor seems to pick roles well. He has yet to really let me down, and the previews for this one look like it will at least keep my attention, possibly even entertain me.

Burt Reynolds is apparently not dead. Who'd have thunk? Deal is, as one might expect from the title and cast, a movie about poker. Reynolds tries to teach a young upstart gambler how to play with the big boys. What makes me think this has been done before? Oh, because it has, over and over and over again. Let's take bets that the old timer gets into a wild predicament where he's forced to square off against his young pal.

Saturday Night Live alumni rarely make good movies when they team up. But with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler under the watchful eye of SNL writer Michael McCullers, who also penned an Austin Powers movie or two, could prove to be one of the exceptions to the rule as they bust out Baby Mama this weekend. Rumor has it that they are a little light on the Mean Girl's touch as Tina Fey had no part in writing this one. That might be a good thing for people like me who think Mean Girls was overrated and not that funny. 30 Rock, however, is comic genius. So if Tina Fey's past is any evidence, she's best when delivering her own material, but this has potential.

--john berry, online editor


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