Monday, March 3, 2008

post oscars: some surprises and some not-so-much

Oscar winners are in.

Javier Bardem got what he deserved.

So did Daniel Day-Lewis.

So did the Coen Brothers.

Jon Stewart was funny, but not as funny as on his own show.

Diablo Cody got an Oscar for writing "Juno." Not bad for a stripper who cleaned up her life but not her wardrobe. An engaging story with some good dialogue and some weak spots. I was a little shocked that it won, but i think it deserves recognition.

Tilda Swinton was a suprise to me because i thought she was overlooked by a lot of people in the entertainment industry when "Michael Clayton" came out. She did a great job in a role that was inherently challenging. She had to garner sympathy and be hated at the same time to pull that role off and she hit it dead-on.

The biggest surprise for me was that Hollywood actually recognized a lot of quality films and seemed to shy away from the blockbuster hits this year.

--john berry, online editor


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