Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Ron Perlman

One of the best character actors of our time, I've been a huge fan since I saw The City of Lost Children when I was in high school.
Even though I don't speak a word of French, that movie was one of my all time favorites then and still ranks high on my list.
Then he was the brilliant Norman in Last Supper, which also blew my mind as a young movie lover.
And who could forget him as Johner in Alien:Resurrection. (Yes, the least awesome of the Alien series, but still awesome none the less)
The past few years he's gained more notoriety as Hellboy and in a show called Sons of Anarchy.
Also doing a TON of voice work in cartoons and video games, including the Fallout series.

Happy 60th Mr. Perlman.


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